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FapelloDownloader is a Windows app to batch download images and videos from website Fapello.com

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  •   (Important!) FapelloDownloader will ONLY work with Chrome or Firefox or Edge installed. 


  •  Extract the directory FapelloDownloader_*version* from the zip 

 How to use. 

  •  Execute FapelloDownloader.py
  •  Copy the Fapello link of interest (for example: https://fapello.com/mia-kha***/) 
  •  Paste the copied link in FapelloDownloader textbox 
  •  Press Download button 
  •   Wait for the download to complete 
  •  A folder named with the name associated with the downloaded link will be created in the    FapelloDownloader directory (for example FapelloDownloader/mia-kha***/)



Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

FapelloDownloader.6.0.zip 162 MB

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what does excecute mean

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Sorry i don t understand, can you explain better so i can help

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Using Edge as the browser but I'm getting a bunch of duplicates of the first few rows of images/videos instead and doesn't download the rest, is there anything in Edge or the unzipped folder that I need to change?

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Hi my friend,

i found ot that Fapello.com changed some logic, that's why this happens. I already fixed the problem and I just released the 6.0; let me know if you find some problems :)

did not work for me... :/

Hi my Friend, can you give mire informations?

What links didyou use?

www.fapello-leaks.com/of/profile/nosoygalgadot/ this an other similar link.

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Hi my friend, 

the link you posted is a Fapello-leaks link; FapelloDownloader supports only Fapello.com links like https://fapello.com/laura******/

Is there any way to download the full resolution images?

Hi my friend, 

Fapello does not allow image download, so the app takes a screenshot of the webpages and then cuts the screenshot borders.

i see... well it works anyways, so it's fine thx for the reply and thx for the app 

Thank you my friend, I always try to improve the app so any feedback is welcome :D

doesnt work for me, download is stuck on 0

Hi, what browser did you select? It is installed?

hi, i selected chrome and it its installed. Just now i waited a little longer and after few minutes it shows that download has been completed, but there is nothing in created folder.

Strange; Is Chrome updated?

Did you followed readme and installed Visual C .zip? :)

Chrome is updated, visual C is installed. I reinstalled Visual C just now and it didnt work, still only creates empty folder. 

Contact me on https://www.reddit.com/user/jangystudio , so i can help you better :)

just get a ... and nothing changes when i press download

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Hi, can you tell me more informations? 

Did you installed Visual C Redistributable in the .zip file?

Which browser did you selected? Is it installed?


Contact me on https://www.reddit.com/user/jangystudio , so i can help you better :)