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What is RealESRScaler?

RealESRScaler is a Windows app that uses Real-ESRGAN artificial intelligence to enhance, enlarge and reduce noise in photographs and videos.

Other projects. 




Real-ESRGAN - https://github.com/xinntao/Real-ESRGAN

Requirements. 🤓

  • Windows 11 / Windows 10
  • Ram >= 8Gb
  • Directx12 compatible GPU
    • any AMD >+ Radeon HD 7000 series
    • any Intel HD Integrated >= 4th-gen core
    • any NVIDIA >= GTX 600 series
  • CPU [works without GPU, but is very slow]

Features. 🛠

  • Easy to use GUI
  • Images and video upscale
  • Drag&drop files [image/multiple images/video]
  • Automatic imageTiles/Merging to avoid gpu VRAM limitation
  •  Resize image/video before upscaling

Compatible images - png, jpeg, bmp, webp, tif 

  • Compatible video  - mp4, wemb, gif, mkv, flv, avi, mov, qt 

Next steps. 🤫

  1.   New GUI with Windows 11 style
  2.   Include audio for upscaled video
  3.   Switch to Pytorch-directml to support all existing gpu (AMD, Intel, Nvidia)
  4.  Update libraries 
    1.  Python 3.10 (expecting ~10% more performance) 
    2.  Python 3.11 (expecting ~30% more performance, now in beta)


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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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I don't get the difference between all your upscaler app ? Is that "just" the AI model used that is different ?

(1 edit)

Hi, yes It s "only" the AI. 

Of course changing the AI Is not a plug&play thing, requires hours of work.

The free version made impressive work of the DVD version of "Beyond the Minds Eye" a particularly tricky title to upscale with 1992 CGI Animation. So I purchased the full version.

I definitely recommend anyone also looking to upscale some video - START HERE.

To the developer:

Please add the ability to turn off image resizing before upscaling, some encoding presets, and continue to tune performance. 

Right now I can't quite recommend this over Waifu2x-extension-gui for more advanced users. If you need to use custom models, encoder settings, NVENC support, etc, go with that instead.

Hi, thank you for your feedback. And yes, i will continue to improve it :D